Top 10 Voices in Bitcoin

I have been following Bitcoin and crypto for the past 5 years. I have spent the last 18 months in a COVID-induced deep dive. I have read all the Bitcoin books, bought some Bitcoin, listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts, mined some Bitcoin, downloaded and tested every Bitcoin/Lightning wallet, attended the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in person, created 5 Bitcoin/Lightning nodes, and launched a website – I have listened to hundreds of voices from toxic Bitcoin maximalists to extreme skeptics and everyone in between.

In order to help others along their Bitcoin discovery path, I thought providing a list of the most important voices I have encountered might be helpful. Twitter has generally become the focal point for most Bitcoin commentary, so in addition to name and role, I include each person’s Twitter address.

Andreas Antonopoulos @aantonop – Author 

Ben Perrin @BTCsessions – Podcaster

Peter McCormack @PeterMcCormack – Podcaster

Nathaniel Whittemore @nlw – Podcaster

Lyn Alden @LynAldenContact – Analyst

Will Clemente @WClementeIII – Analyst

Dylan LeClair @DylanLeClair – Analyst

Will Woo @woonomic – Analyst

Jack Mallers @jackmaIlers – CEO

Michael Saylor @michael_saylor – CEO

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