We are testing a variety of donation methods using Bitcoin and LIghtning. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not yet a US 501(c)(3), so donations are not tax-deductible.

Bitcoin Donations

Bitcoin transactions are by design strictly anonymous. You will NOT get a receipt. Open your Bitcoin Wallet, select ‘Pay’ or ‘Send’. Use the QR reader (mobile device) or copy and paste this Bitcoin address (desktop):



Lightning Donations

Lightning donations without an invoice using Keysend are still experimental and not supported by all wallets. Please don’t send more than $100.00 using Lightning until we can do more testing.



Tested and works with: Breez, Thunderhub, (6/30/2021).

Donate via Strike

If you haven’t tried Strike yet, it is a highly recommended wallet built on Bitcoin/Lightning. One of the many things it does is provide a “Tip” page (no invoice required) that works with Strike or ANY Lightning wallet.

Here’s mine:

Cash Donations

Not yet available.

Financial Transparency

We are dedicated to financial transparency. One of the advantages of Bitcoin/Lightning is the total transparency it provides. This is a perfect feature for a public non-profit. Click on the links below to view our accounts.

Bitcoin Account

Lightning Account