Crain’s Article

Nice article in Crain’s Cleveland about B4B by Jeremy Nobile. Here’s an excerpt:

“Bitcoin presents us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for world-changing economic empowerment,” Stack said. “That became crystal clear at this [Miami Bitcoin] conference. And so I decided to really focus on that in my own small way. We’re trying to provide people around the world with the tools and information they need to adopt Bitcoin to improve their lives.” 

That’s no small task. But like most proponents of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has captured Stack’s imagination. 

“Once you understand the technology at some level other than the trivial, it doesn’t have to be deeply technical. It does have a hands-on element. There will be a-ha moments. But once you get below that level of magic, once you understand what’s going on, you can start to see what happens if this reaches broad scale,” Stack said. “What it does is offer the chance to transform all the people in the world who don’t have banks — the unbanked become banked overnight. So they can participate in the global financial system. And that’s a lot of people.” 

Stack referenced Greater Cleveland’s collection of immigrant communities and how the use of Bitcoin in remittances, where people send money back to 

others in their home country. Stack personally is open to talking with these groups about using cryptocurrency to help them do just that.

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