Bitcoin 2021 Conference

I attended the Bitcoin 2021 Conference last weekend June 4-5 with 15,000 of my ‘new’ closest friends. For many reasons it was one of the most impactful events, I have experienced in decades. It has taken me all week to process. Bitcoin for Billions is the result.

Biggest takeaway: nearly everyone there attended because they believed that Bitcoin can change the world for the better. And it was a wildly diverse group: including software developers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, professional athletes, politicians, academics, and many others.

The most compelling event was unscheduled, totally unexpected, and occurred late on the last day. Jack Mallers, CEO of and the President of El Salvador announced that Bitcoin would become an official currency of the country.

I have been learning and promoting Bitcoin and particularly the Lighting Network for nearly 4 years. I operate two small lightning nodes and will soon be adding a third node in support of Bitcoin for Billions. I am NO expert but I am an extreme enthusiast.

My goal with Bitcoin for Billions is to promote and enable broader adoption of Bitcoin/Lightning for the goal of global economic empowerment.

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